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The Perfect Storm on Steroids

October 26, 2012

Dear friends and clients of KaneCarlton,

As many of you may know, the Mid-Atlantic area of the country is poised to be hit what is being hailed as an unprecedented weather event.


Hurricane Sandy is forecasted to collide with a Nor’easter and a blizzard forming in the mountains to the west (up to a foot of snow) creating an explosive, slow moving storm affecting up to 50 million people in the most populous part of the country.

“Frankinstorm”, as it is being dubbed by some, is likely to wreak havoc on communications and power grids potentially causing disruption to our ability to serve you.  In fact, as I prepare this note, I am watching the weather channel, which has a bulls-eye on Washington DC area.

First and foremost, we send our hopes and prayers that none of you are affected; that your homes, property and loved ones are safe.

While we are preparing as best as possible, we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of this event in case it creates a disruption in our ability to respond to your communications or delays in any project deliverables.

Thanks you for your understanding and forbearance.  It is my hope that this is much ado about nothing; as a Perfect Storm from my perspective is one that fails to form. We also believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thank you for your continued support, confidence and business.  We look forward to helping you deliver preeminent wealth management solutions.

All the best,


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